Reach new heights with great savings.

QM-Height – ABSOLUTE 1D Height Gauge.

> Easy to use 1D height measuring instrument equipped with Mitutoyo’s ABSOLUTE scale that does not need zeroing every time the QM-Height is turned on and an air cushion feature for easy handling on a surface plate.

> Features DIGIMATIC, USB and wireless (via U-WAVE) data interfaces for maximum interoperability with data storage and processing devices and site-wide QA networks.

> You can easily implement frequently made measurements, such as inside/outside diameter and pitch calculations, using icon-based commands that also support easy one-key operations.

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Linear Height LH-600 E/RG 2D Height Gauge.

> High-performance 2D measuring with an air cushion feature for easy handling.

> 5.7-inch colour LCD TFT improves display readability and operation.

> Self-explanatory control pad with colour LCD offers many functions such as the automatic running of pre-learned part programs.

> Two models are available: with ergonomic power hand grip (EG type); no hand grip (E type).

Special Offer - SAVE UP TO £656! 



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Reach new heights with great savings.

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With savings up to £1040 the Height Gauge Promotion features four models of digital height gauges plus many accessories.

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